Friday, 5 December 2014

Hosted PBX For Businesses Who's Best?

Hosted PBX solutions are an extremely important part of the modern day business, these systems are used to allow people to communicate via their computers.

Fully integrated solutions that allow you to control phone calls, via software on the computer you use. Put on a headset, login and you're ready to go.

These are what customer service centers worldwide use today.

As I mentioned in a previous post I run a number of businesses, these kinds of solutions have been critical to the expansion of several of my businesses.

Hosted PBX means you can smoothly run a business, easily from anywhere in the world. So by visiting the link above you can find out more about the business I trust for all of my custom or alternatively visit their homepage

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How SEO Ruined A Business, But Built An Empire

What you don't know about the lovable rogue John (that's me) is that I run around 20 websites in various niches, all under one flagship business that makes me 6 figures a year.

I run these various websites, blogs and small businesses through outsourcing to various teams. In particular one type of team is more important than the others, but I'll get to that...

You see in my process I run various blogs like this, hosted on WordPress & Blogger to test interest in a new idea or site. This blog has already accrued 750 views from 3 posts.

To me this means that I'm onto a winner and that I can push more ideas onto the blog to refine the topics I want the main site to be about. TechEnthused is already in development, just so you know.

It wasn't always this smooth though, there was a long learning curve with many failures and also a number of growing pains going through different teams for the outsourcing process.

The most important team for me is the Search Engine Optimization Team who help my sites drive traffic from Google searches, making up more than half of each sites referral traffic and becoming the backbone of my ROI.

I went through a number of different SEO teams in the last 5 years, those who think SEO is a joke, believe me it isn't. Without it I wouldn't be driving a Porsche Cayenne and living in ways I never thought possible.

In those earlier years though I wasn't willing to make a big investment, instead I would outsource to places like India, Pakistan and the Philippines. At the time I had one big website that focused on equestrian goods. It was a big money earner, despite it not pulling in nearly enough traffic to be considered at its peak.

I outsourced the task of improving the site to a team from India who promised the world and delivered a world of pain... The site didn't seem to improve at all for months, all of a sudden it jumped up to page 2 and a few terms to page 1. It seemed promising, but within a week the site had dropped off those pages into page 10.

I immediately let the team go, and went with another Indian team who basically did the same thing. I'm not sure what was going on, but the site would get a spike of traffic and hardly give me an ROI from the 'investment' of hiring those teams, before falling back to where it was before, or worse yet, lower.

I had hardly any luck with those kinds of teams, and ultimately went with a team from the U.S who got the site into those positions, it stuck! I was paying a lot more, but I was getting a real ROI because the site was staying in those positions for months. Then Google did some kind of algorithmic update and the site sunk like a stone, it sunk like never before.

The agency I was with were quick to respond to my messages, however they were unable to remedy the problem after several weeks. They became unresponsive, and I was left without an SEO team again.

By this time I'd learned some hard lessons, ones that were hard to swallow... I had taken in more money than ever before though, and for some time I started building more sites and paying my content writers to fill those with content. I didn't want anything to do with an SEO team at this point.

With big investments, no returns and a sinking feeling in my stomach I ended up with no choice but to sell some of my older blogs that had previously done very small revenues, but had largely improved when those algorithm updates had occurred. The sites that hadn't had an SEO team touch them... My equestrian site had actually been removed from Google entirely and the business was all but gone, destroyed and to this day I've never gone back to it.

With the remaining money I had I went out there and looked for a reputable team that addressed the issues I had head on. A team that asked more questions, rather than one that caused more questions. It may seem like little difference, but trust me there's a lot of difference there.

I put them to work on 2 of my sites and within a month I saw significant improvements. What helped was that I'd put so much money into making the content amazing on these sites that it was only a matter of time once the SEO work began until they hit the first page for their respective keywords.

Within 2 months these sites were bringing in more traffic than my old business ever had, we hit a few algorithm bumps in the road, but our sites were hardly ever affected, or if they were it wasn't for long.

This team who I still work with today are solely responsible for my 5 figure a month revenue and what I learned was that writing off all SEO's was a bad move. I wish I'd found them sooner, then again maybe I wouldn't have found them if I wasn't so hesitant.

This particular agency come from the United Kingdom, they'd kill me if they saw me calling them an agency and believe me, they will find this post because that's how thorough their monitoring is of me and my brand, as well as their own.

I just hope they know how grateful I am and that I would probably be working a 9-5 for 30,000 a year if it wasn't for them.

This team are SEO Saves who provide services globally. They're actually providing discount SEO Services at the moment to their local businesses which is a testament to how much they really do care about helping build businesses, and helping people like me achieve their dreams.

SEO Devon - Their local SEO Services page.

As for me, leave me a message in the comments if you ever want to learn to run multiple businesses online, as I also believe in giving back. As for Tech Enthused, all I'll say is expect more and I'll let you all know when the new site is ready.

Your friend,


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Headphones, Headsets, Earphones - What I Recommend

Headphones, headsets, earphones - what's the difference?

The truth is that it's all about function, what's the purpose of your purchase?

If you're a gamer you're obviously best off with a good headset and the best you can get are probably any form of Razers. I've been gaming for a long time, for comfort, audio quality (literally hearing footsteps of enemies from around the corner) and mic quality these are the best I've used personally.

Not saying there aren't any better, but personal preference says they're the best here.

Sure enough these Razer's look a lot like an old school supersoaker from the 90's but they're epic!

Well what about Headphones?

The best headphones are often in the medium-high price range from experience. You will not catch me buying overpriced beats by dre though. When SkullCandy was at their height of popularity I actually gave in and purchased some Skullcandy HESH headphones.

They were probably the best I'd ever had at the time for sound quality while out on the public bus into college and just generally if I wanted to block out the whole world and damage my ear drums beyond repair.

BOSE would be my first choice if I had the $300 to spare.

As it is today, after my younger sibling sitting on my skullcandies and destroying them I'm using the unfamiliar brand 'Lenco' the Lenco-HP-080's are probably not as cool to look at as my old HESH' by SkullCandy, BUT the sound quality is way, way, way better and for a measly $30.00 I'd say I can't go wrong there.

Earphones... I kind of hate these things. You either use earphones or headphones in my opinion and the truth is that they just fall out of my mutated ears I guess!

Sound quality wise though with these you can't go cheap and have to really spend at least $50.00 to get good value. Sure, you can get ones for less that sound great, but their lifespan isn't so great.

So that's my thoughts on these and thanks Richard for requesting me to do this after my HD PRO reviews.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Best Video Programs I Don't Use

I'm not a pro videographer.

 Not at all. I’m basically a dude with a compact... lightweight digital camera - what were you looking for!? You can call me a significant apprentice. For real all the same, women always tell me that my camera is embarrassingly small...

Let me clarify. Back in the day, I bought my GoPro Hi def camera (I told you my cam is little).

I got enthusiastic to film yet each time I got new footage, I had to contend with the hassle of employing buggy free of charge software or pirated programs grabbed from torrent websites.

They would usually crash so all of my altering effort was in vain. I got discouraged coz... I couldn't flaunt with my fabulous footage. I tried a bunch of different software packages and nothing seemed to do it for me personally, then I found a vlogger's review on Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

So, given that the program was easy to use, I started to modify a lot more videos, mainly for the kick of it. Folks liked all of them and thus I kept publishing.

And soon enough, I got inquiries from clients who begged me shoot as well as improve videos on their behalf. That was unforeseen!

 I love editing with an original program. The overall performance is great, the community is superb and then I'm at rest to know the program operates as it's intended to function.

I improve videos for clients, I offer footage, I instantly get outdoor gear from supporters to do video reviews and I generate income on YouTube as a partner.

More than anything - this offers me amazing freedom and it permits me to make a living without requiring a real job - it does work well for me! I'm not splashing around but I'm financially independent. And also I'm not making use of the best computer software. 

You must be enthusiastic about this...

 Therefore if this works for me - without the proper multimedia guidance - To my mind it'll be good enough for you too.

And if you definitely think that no more than the best software is your key to edit videos well, then you're possibly crazy or perhaps you're merely very serious about this shit - I appreciate that!

 Think about the ease and comfort of becoming the producer of your own lifestyle. You determine what type of videos you wanna make. After that the privilege of producing video clips and making money online - most individuals admire you yet some will envy you when you sustain your obsession.

 The secret is to begin uploading your actual vids. Your very own creativity will certainly climb tremendously when you finally commence.

Don't hassle over software packages though - pick one and roll with it.

And if you don't like this, no worries, each of them include a 30 days money back guarantee - no questions asked. But yet I guess you probably understood this already and so I won't possibly even mention it...

Oh, wait! I obviously did. Whilst you over-think it, others are constructing their channels to prestige and brilliance. Not to mention it's becoming tougher each passing day - it's appearing overcrowded out there.

 But if you're operating totally free software and even you're complaining that it sucks, you should click away right now. This is simply not for you.

Just in case you don't care for your videos to the extent that I do with regard to mine then I sincerely don't plan to consult you any longer! That being said, what's the greatest software to edit video clips?

Check out some of the best video editor software here.

Best Video Software Guide

If you ever wanna make clips, you'll find yourself belonging to any of these two tribes: 

The amateurs 
The professionals 

Alright. Before getting into the software tech talk lemme give you this analogy: 

 I dare say you always knew someone who had just about all the best circumstances on his side. Maybe he came from a wealthy family, he had the appearance not to mention is admired.

Things normally fell in his lap. And you envied the guy - you fantasized that you were them. Nonetheless, when precious time went on by, this dude didn't add up to much. In fact he didn't amount to anything. He's always high, out of work (living of his families income) or working odd work without a sense of purpose or simply a steady course.

However, you're achieving something that you love, you likely have fantastic close friends, fiscal self-reliance and, more than anything, you're prepared to be who you are. And you recognize you can conquer considerably more difficulties compared to the guy you once found to envy. What truly does this have to do with software programs? - I notice you contemplating. Picture this: you'd definitely be the person who can perform a good deal with a little than the guy suffering from everything in his benefit and additionally blows it.

 Very seriously, who would you preferably be? The chap who's at rest with himself and presents usefulness or just the prosperous dude who has all the toys nevertheless can't do anything worthwhile?

Certainly, I notice this obsessive addiction people have with the best products. Just about all desire the perfect software still lemme give you a magic formula: the best program won't get you anywhere.

It really is your desire, the innovative manner you make as well as the approach you modify - each one of these will provide you with traffic on YouTube (or just any measure of results you can find), not the software.

 Since you can see, I'm biased towards frugality moreover working hard and I believe simply good things will arrive because of it.

Reviews -

Amateur or professional? 

If you ask me, I feel I'm somewhere between the two of course I'm still a novice. I use consumer computer software and small cameras (sometimes a DSLR from a friend).

This does work exceptionally well for me but most likely because it's my nature to not over confuse tasks.

And of course, I get compensated to take care of videos for clients and also gettingI interesting sponsorships from products and software companies. End user applications are easy to use, yet they provide a selection of benefits that should quite easily make your videos look professional.

Therefore my attention is on the content (video footage) - I truly do my very best to attain an interesting matter, subsequently I simply edit the material on music beats. Clean styles without any elaborate influences or ridiculous adjustments.

Precisely what I'm saying is always to judge your necessity for an editing program trough the perspective of the beginner first. I am that beginner if you decide you need to ask me things, merely drop an email or even a tweet (I answer every message I receive and read).